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You are the CEO

Chief Executive Officers are no essential personalities. They are just like you and I. They became who and what they are today because they wanted to. Yes, they wanted to be what they are hence they are what and who they are.

I was at St. Michael Primary School at Donkorkrom in the Afram Plains North District of the Eastern Region somewhere last three years. It was the beginning of a new academic year and children are reporting for school. Some were continuing students whiles others are freshers(beginners).

During my interview, one of the students said, I want to be like be Usain Bolt. I watched him for 5mins and asked him, how will you be like Usain Bolt? Instead of answering me in words, he used 15 seconds to complete a hundred meters race and said to me, that is how I intend doing it.

I later got to know that he emerged the winner at the District’s Inter Schools Festivals of Games(100 meters men category).
He wanted it, and he had it.

Just like this little boy, you can also equally achieve your dream if you really know what you want to be. It doesn’t end there though. You also need to work towards achieving of your goals. It won’t be that easy though, but with perseverance, constant practice and above all, God fearing, you will definitely get there; for with with God, all things are possible.

I am Joshua Kwasi Tettey and I am proud of who I am gradually becoming. Let’s work towards the achievement of our dreams. Never forget to back all your efforts with prayers. It shall be well with you.

Joshua Kwasi Tettey

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