The Love Series

Love, I constantly ask what it is?
Every one has a different definition and explanation of love. Love leads to relationships, then that is another tough topic, everyone has different expectations of relationships, what to do and not to do, the list goes on and on …
Then this generation takes these two topics on a roller coaster of emotions and expectations. Relationships are meant to be simple based on my opinion.
Relationships are meant to get to know each other better, likes and dislikes, opinions, ways of doing things …. and all that
Now in this era relationships are stressful, males are required to play the husband role early and vice versa for females.
We’ve characterized relationships to be a fairy tale everything moving smoothly then boom marriage.
Sorry to spoil your fairytale dream, disagreements are a part of relationships too
Relationships just don’t go smoothly till till there are a few bumpy roads.
Relationships are simple yes but there are flags that shouldn’t be ignored, with the hope that as the relationship goes on the individual will change or the red flags will just disappear.
A mistake of most couples and the failures of most relationships. I’ll delve a bit more into relationships, a series , let’s call it the The Love Series

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