NDCs debate over who to be the speaker in Parliament

NDCs debate over who to be the speaker in Parliament

The National Democratic Congress, are saying that they have heard the NPPs say that they should nominate speaker Michael Quaye again as the speaker of Parliament. The NDCs are saying that they want Alban Dagbin to be the speaker of Parliament.

They said he is the longest serving member of Parliament in the Parliament of Ghana and looking at his history, track record, education and courtesy, he deserves that position.

They said Michael Quaye has done well but is high time we do things a little bit different. They said the two parties, that is NPP and NDC are both working together to promote the country.

The NPPS on the other hand decided to choose Michael Quaye because considering his works from 2016 to 2020, they realized he did a very good job so he deserves to be given another term so can function very well and continue his good works.

However, Alban Dagbin is finally chosen as the speaker of Parliament.

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