Time flies but you are the pilot

Time Kills Kill It Before It Kills You

Dear friends, unlike in the SHS where everything was planned and scheduled for you, the tertiary level is a bit different.

In the SHS, there was time for rising, time for class sessions, time for meals, sports, cleaning, preps, entertainment, among others. Including time for soaking and for ghosting . All these activities were decided for you.

In most tertiary institutions however, especially in the universities, you are left to your own to decide and schedule almost all your activities as you wish.
For this reason, time management is very paramount to every tertiary student.

I’m not here however, to give a lecture on the methods and strategies of managing your time
I know this will be heavily dealt with on campus by lecturers, counsellors, religious leaders, senior members, among many other people.

All that I will say is that, just set your priorities right. You will never reach your potentials until your daily priorities become habitual.
Please be reminded that, you are primarily in school for academic purposes.
You are leaving home today to feed home tomorrow,so study hard.
So any other thing, and I mean any other thing is a secondary matter.

Just be discipline, stop being lazy, get up early and go to bed late when necessary. Everything you truly value is with you always, value your time and be serious with it and you will surely make it to the top. Avoid detractors and time wasters.
The quality of an individual is reflected in the standard they set for themselves. To be great you must do great things with greater risks and sacrifice a lot of things.
Note that you future is created by what you do today but not tomorrow. Make good use of every chance you come across in life because the future is now!!!
He who has a black goat to chase must do that before darkness approaches. To be successful tomorrow you must start it now and today.
The way to be nothing is to do nothing. We were created equally but ambition or lack of it soon separates us. Be ambitious when you get to campus. Don’t let lack of ambition separates you from your mates.

Studying Hard is tedious but obeying to study hard normally generates absolute Success.

In short, do the right thing at the right time and at the right place.


Sound Studies Dear One.

I may not be entirely right on this point since individuals have different study patterns that work best for them.
What I wish to say is that, in my view, the study pattern in SHS and that of the tertiary level are different.

Unlike in the SHS where you were chewing definitions and concepts to pass WASSCE, the tertiary level is where you are professional trained and equipped for society and for the job market.

You may therefore need to change some methods and patterns of your studies to meet the demands.
So instead of always hiding in your corner ghosting, so that you can get the first position in your class, I rather recommend that you join groups where you can share and gain knowledge. This, I think, will make you enjoy your studies on campus.

For instance, you may be ghosting and memorising big books in order to write your exams, meanwhile your colleagues who already know that, that lecturer only brings Pasco will simply solve the Pasco and probably get better results than you. This will make you frustrated and disturbed. For this reason, I recommend that you join a study group, have access to all the Pasco and the information concerning the course and the lecturer.
To run faster you must run alone and to go farther you must run with others; likewise, to memorize and master you must study alone but to know the concept and apply you must study with others.

Well, as I said, you may do what actually works best for you in your studies.


Be Careful With Friends On Campus When You Get There!!! Not Everyone Is There To Study, Remember That!!!

Dear brothers, one major factor that can make you the best or worst tertiary student is the kind of friends you make.

It’s often very interesting to see freshers beginning to pair up with the opposite sex in the early days, deceiving themselves that they are in a relationship. You often see them moving here and there together, going to buy food, sitting together for night studies, doing this or that together.
Hmmm, the continue students can agree with me that those so called relationships don’t get anywhere
Most especially, those from boys school are often over excited to see beautiful ladies around them for the first time.
My brother, tap cull. Take your time, and avoid wasting your time on something that will never materialize.
To the ladies, a bird whose golden feathers are loved by many people should not fly close to the ground; likewise, a lady who has an attractive and sexy stature or body should not mingle with by hard boys.
Please if you know that you can’t overcome temptations don’t give the devil a little chance. Dating and sex are now what is taking many youth to their downfall and even take some to their grave. Boyfriend and girlfriend relationship has become a normal thing where everyone is busy building . The world is so wicked where we call evil good while we mock and laugh at the good things. You will be mocked and laughed at, but tap Cull because you are on the right path.

Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
The entrance of one wrong person into your life forces the exit of ten good people. Just be careful with who you trust because salt and sugar are both white.
Remember to stay away from fake friends because they are like shadows that disappear in darkness.
Take note of friends that tell you about others because they tell others about you.

All roads lead to the end of the world but do follow the one that will benefit you before it ends; likewise,all friends give us a companion but do follow the friends that benefit you.

As you want good friends don’t forget to be a good friend to others, learning to keep your friends secrets is not only about trust but destiny is at stake. Failure to keep your friends secrets not only breach their trust but can bring their downfall.
Nothing can be more dangerous and painful than to share your secrets with your enemy thinking they are your friends.
The enemy that will destroy you, will not come to you with a sword but with a smile.
Everyone qualifies for your love but not all the people you love qualifies to know the secrets of your life or friends! Because some can not handle it!!! And others can not wait to trade your secrets for a personal gain.


Use Money Wisely And Spend Money On Necessary Things!!! Avoid Spending On Your Wants If Possible

The tertiary level is a place where you probably have to use money Judiciously.
Don’t just start buying plates of fry rice and chicken thighs immediately after you report. My brother you may not last

I’m not in any way saying you should starve yourself or be mean with money. What I’m saying is that, use the money Judiciously so that you can last.

Even if your parents/guardians are well to do, please don’t create the impression at the early stage that you demand too much. The real time will come when you will actually need money.
You may however need to explain to some parents/guardians to understand that the tertiary level is very different from the SHS in terms of financial demands.
So that they will not just give you some 20gh and think it will last for long like the SHS.
It’s not how much you are given that determines how long you could stay on campus but it’s your expenditure. Please spend on your needs not your wants and unnecessary things needlessly.

Feeding, particularly, is something that takes a lot of money. Let your parents know about that so that they could give you something better. Some ladies are always available and ready to help you finish your money. So be careful.


Don’t Waste Your Time On Sports Activities
Don’t Over Busy God With Your Prayers
Don’t Read Only The Bible All Day N Night

Please be very careful about the amount of time you give to your social and religious life.
In as much as I highly encourage you to socialize and entertain yourself, and to also participate actively in issues of your faith, I also highly recommend that you check to make sure that you aren’t spending all your time on these activities.
For social activities and as young men, we are prone to wasting our time on activities that may not bring us any good outcome.
Most young men in the tertiary institutions spend a lot of their time watching champions league and arguing about it even in class and at the hostels.
It is surprising that some people will even have an important exams to write but must have to watch a particular match before they can study for the exams.
Please take note that no exams will ask you to mention the best footballers in Liverpool, Barcelona, Man U among others.
Concerning religious activities, it indeed important to be active but I personally think some people over do it.
I’m particularly worried about my fellow Christian brothers who spend a lot of time on all night prayers. This may not help you as a fresher.
Please be careful of these one man churches who will do everything to get you to such activities.
Be committed to your God, put him first in your Activities never forget of your primary aim of being in school


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