Patapa’s ex-girlfriend blasts him for marrying Liha, leaving behind deep secrets.

The former girlfriend of Patapaa, Queen Peeszy, blasted Pa2pa’s soja boss for marrying his German girlfriend.

In an interview that described their marriage as a con, Queen Peezy descended heavily upon the newly wedded couple.

She further revealed that while he had no love for her, Patapaa’s obroni wife forced herself on him to marry her.

The musician’s curvy ex-girlfriend revealed that she is still the original Queen Peezy and she will continue to be and if the new couple want to, they can call Instagram management to change her handle to the name of Liha Miller.

The noisy maker musician wedding ceremony is witnessed by Ghanaians over the weekend.
People assumed their preparations to settle down before the

ceremony were just for promotional ploy before the wedding day.

Well, as Mrs. Liha Amoah has waded into some of the challenges she faced

before getting married to Patapaa, they are currently on honeymoon and simultaneously touring media houses.

In an interview, Patapaa’s newly wedded wife revealed that people said negative

things about her and Patapaa because she wanted to settle down with him.

Her friends advice her according to her, but she declined, and this led her to

lose some friends all because she went ahead to retain the friendship she has with Patapaa.

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