Do these to be able to go to heaven.

1. Obedience : being obedient to an adult or to a younger age or someone your age helps to cleanse yourself .Like in the Bible it says that Obedience is better than sacrifice .So brethren be obedient to anybody you meet .

2. Avoid telling lies : well we are not perfect and so we must try to stop telling lies and also we must learn to tell the truth nothing but the truth.As the Bible says there is none righteous not even one.

3 . Avoid worshipping other gods : we must not bow down to any other god apart from the Almighty God . The time is almost near.

4. Avoid sin : we should avoid sin I mean any other sin that is out there you can actually name it whiles reading and as I said the Bible says there is non righteous not even one.

5. Accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and accept that he came to die for you and if you believe in him you will have eternal life.Do all these and many more .

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