Man arrested over coup D’etat plot on the NPP Government

Man arrested over coup D’etat plot on the NPP Government

One man by name Oheneba Boama came out talking badly against the NPP government. He is a presenter in Power FM but people believe it is the NDCs who sent someone who can really talk without fear of anyone to come out and talk anyhow. The man was arrested due the the bad things he said.

He stated that. His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo behaves as if he is the only man in Ghana and has connived with the electoral commissioner to rig the elections. He added that Nana Addo has also taken 140 seats and he thinks he is wiser than everyone.
He said because of Nana Addo, four people were killed at Techiman and two were also killed at Odododiodio and he has now come out to say that this elections is the most peaceful one. He said Nana Addo can do nothing and they will show him something if he doesn’t change from his ways.

People believe that he is indeed, calling for Coup d’etat and many are not pleased with what he said. With this, the CID gave him a letter to come so they could make investigations based on what he said and as such, he got arrested by the police.

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