Ogidi Brown threatens Fameye’s life after he posted a picture of himself at Antoa

There has been bad blood between Singer Fameye and his former manager, Ogidi Brown. This has led to both parties throwing shades at each other for quite some time now. Ogidi Brown accused Fameye of being an ungrateful person. Ogidi Brown claims fameye owes him an amount of money which Fameye has refused to pay. Fameye left OGB music and hasn’t paid me my share of the contract, he added. Ogidi Brown signed and managed Fameye when Fameye was an underground artiste who was pushing hard to get into the mainstream. Fameye has publicly denied allegations leveled against him especially from Ogidi Brown CEO of OGB MUSIC. Fameye has announced on countless occasions that he doesn’t owe Ogidi Brown a penny.In one of Fameye’s radio interviews, he said that his hit song “nothing I get” was recorded when he was working with Ogidi Brown but it wasn’t released under OGB MUSIC.

Ogidi Brown has posted a video of himself at Antoa. It’s not too clear what his next move is but let’s all pray for Fameye.

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