Hey! Fam. The much anticipated time is here. Kindly go back and read the previous episodes if you haven’t read yet. Today I am gonna tell you exactly how I got my 17th broken heart on my 17th birthday. So far, I hope you haven’t forgotten the storyline? I guess you remember I have told you how my 16 broken hearts happened. Well, for your information, I am happily married now. I’ve been in marriage for the past 5 years. I am now 30 years old. I thank God for how far He has brought me. How did my 17th broken heart happen? It is rather unfortunate that the first thought that comes to mind when we hear ‘broken heart’ is an end to a relationship or divorce. Please be informed that it is equally termed as ‘broken heart’ when one is in serious pains (either through the loss of a beloved, ‘serious’ disappointment, betrayal or many other painful experiences). Anyway, my 17th broken heart wasn’t any of these. I didn’t lose anybody, neither was I betrayed. I hope you haven’t forgotten I am still a “virgin.” I mean my hymen is still intact despite my lustful and ‘promiscuous’ behaviors. So, this broken heart happened after I had completed SHS and my parents decided to ‘throw me’ a birthday party because I had done so much well in my WASSCE. Of course, after the numerous broken hearts, I had moved on. I had moved on after I was done with Kwasi. While preparing for WASSCE, I became so focused that I ‘dawged’ all these ‘rubbish’ with men. In fact, it was during WASSCE that I realized I was regaining my spirituality. I successfully completed my papers. Before I finally parked my stuff home, myself and my mates had our last conversation. We discussed a lot and we knew very well that we were ‘gonna’ miss each other. In the course of our discussion, my bad friends recalled their adventures with men. While my mates had stories to say on how they slept with men, I had none because I had never slept with any. Yes! I did bad things but I never slept with any man. I have been scared ever since I saw that rape scene. How does this thing really feel like? Questions began to fill my mind. I asked myself “should I try this? With whom? While asking myself these questions, Amina held me and said “hey, you better break that thing before getting to the university o, because they will definitely break it when you get there.” At this moment, I began to have some ‘conviction’ that I needed to ‘break my hymen’. But the big question is, who will do that for me since I was no longer in any relationship. I inquired from Amina on how to go about it. Amina told me not to worry. She asked me to inform her on my next birthday. Two days to my birthday, I called Amina and we discussed about it. Amina introduced a very handsome guy to me. In fact, the very first day I met this guy norr wey I fall give amm. Herr! The guy is handsome. I am tempted to say he is beautiful. Amina gave me this idea that I should introduce the guy to my parents as my boyfriend. On my 17th birthday when the party was ‘papping,’ I made the DJ pause the song, then I took the microphone and invited this guy forward. While everyone including my parents was listening to me, I shouted through microphone “this is my boyfriend, I love him so much.” My parents were surprised but happy because they saw the guy to be a responsible guy. Anyway, that guy looks decent and gentle. Out of the happiness, my parents asked me to say anything I wish and it will be done for me. In fact, this was one of the ‘deadliest’ wishes I wish I never made. I told my dad to give us (myself and that guy) his car key so that I can go out alone with him. This was what landed me into breaking my ‘virginity.’ The guy drove me to a far place I had no idea of. He raped me, abandoned me in pains and run away with my dad’s car. This was a serious slap in my family’s and my face. This was a terrible broken heart I will never wish it happens to my enemy. The annoying aspect of this is, the guy is having HIV.

Anyway, I thank God I am happily married with kids. Yes, I have a child with that ‘dirty rapist.’ Yes! I have HIV but I am much happier than before because I have Jesus now. I have learnt from my mistakes. I have great stories to tell.

Don’t follow my footsteps. Parents! Do your work well so that your children don’t mess up. Do not follow bad friends. But never abandon your friends (including the bad once). If today, I have found Jesus, it is because of the two Kwasis (my first boo and 16th boo). These two have become staunch christians and they are the reason I smile now. Oww, you wanna know my husband now? Haha. He is one of the 4 boys I ‘dumped’ while in SHS. The world is indeed very small


Thank you for journeying with me.

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