Doctors Say Take Cold Showers And Here’s Why

Yeah I know cold showers, I mean I hate it as much as you do. But it turns out some things we tend to dislike are actually good for us like say, bitter medicine. Here are some health benefits doctors say you get when you take cold showers which will make you turn the knob right instead of left.

  1. Improves Cardiovascular Circulation

Better blood circulation is attributed to exercise and diet, but did you know cold showers can have the same effect? Poor blood circulation can cause blood to slow and thicken which can put a strain on the heart and can easily lead to heart attacks or stroke. Immersing yourself in cold water makes blood rush to vital organs in order to protect them from the extreme temperature change. Your heart must pump blood through your vessels and to the vital organs. When you expose your skin to cold water, blood vessels on the surface of the skin start to constrict and explains why blood flows to the vital organs and helps improve cardiovascular circulation.

2. Helps With Weight Loss

Cold showers help stimulate blood flow, boost your metabolism will inevitably aid in weight loss. When you’re cold your body must work harder to warm itself. Research also reveals that taking cold showers stimulates brown fat which is activated in colder temperatures. Brown fat eliminates white fat which accumulates around organs and the waist.

3. Boosts Hair And Skin Health

If you have chronically dry hair and skin, cold showers can help make them vibrant and healthy once again. Cold water reduced the size of your pores and tightens skin, it also lowers the number of oils your skin produces in hot temperatures. Hot showers irritate the skin and dry it out, which makes the skin lose moisture. Cold water helps to stimulate hair follicles which increases vibrancy and length.

4. Boosts Lymphatic Circulation.

The lymphatic system consists of vessels that run throughout the body and help to eliminate waste,toxins, bacteria and microbes from the body. The lymphatic fluid requires movement to be able to do the cleansing activity, sadly in today’s world people don’t get enough exercise. This causes build up of toxins and can lead to many diseases. While blood gets pumped through the body continuously by the heart, the lymphatic system has no pump. Taking regular cold showers helps contract lymph vessels which pushes the lymph fluid throughout the body and in turn wastes get eliminated.

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