So then my adventure with men started. SHS days were my ‘baddest’ days as I had no parent to guide me. I was left in this ‘wild’ world with all kinds of people; ranging from prostitutes to occults. I completed my SHS education in close to 3 years but I had more than 10 boyfriends and sugar daddies within the SHS period. Please do well and read the previous episodes

It all started in form one when some of mates and seniors approached me for a relationship. While some of them broke up with me in a painful manner, I also willingly broke about 3 of my school mates’ heart. I remember how this house prefect cried like a baby when I told him I can’t be with him any longer. It was very pitiful but I honestly didn’t like him, I was just entertaining him around me. 4 boys broke my heart ‘bashfully’ in school. But theirs wasn’t that painful as compared to Kwasi (my first love) and Kwasi (my 16th boo). I hope you haven’t forgotten about Kwasi? Please go back and read and you will know the Kwasi I am talking about. Yeah, I mean Kwasi the stammerer. Hey, I didn’t finish my story with Kwasi the stammerer. Don’t worry, I shall finish that in this episode. But before then, I hope you haven’t forgotten about Amina too? The lady who had 7 abortions. You can get Amina’s ‘saga’ in Yeah, so it was in form 2, after I had become closer to Amina that I started my adventure with sugar daddies. I dated three sugar daddies. Amina is very crazy. She introduced me to this ‘wahala.’Trust me, you won’t believe what I did with these men. In fact, I feel so bad now. I caused the divorce of a beautiful couple. How will I answer God on this? When God had put two people together, I went and separated them. Eii. Hmmm. I have actually ‘chopped’ their money paaa but I thank God none of them penetrated me. I lied to most of these men that I come from a poor home and so I wasn’t financially sound. These ‘foolish’ men kept on giving me plenty money just because I promised them sex. But I never gave them. I always found excuses whenever the promised date was due. I was unfortunate one day and one of these men tried to rape me. It was a serious battle with this man. That incident made me believe something I once heard from some of my school boys. I one day passed by my school boys and one the boys said “chaley, if shoddy say she no go make you eat ammm, walai forget o, you no go fit da, see you go fit beat am saan but she never go open inn legs da, you norr you go taya” In fact, this crazy man almost beat me up when he tried to open my legs while I refused. I refused to give to him not because of the consequences nor because it is a sin. I simply refused because I was afraid of sex. But I had my own ways to satisfy myself sexually. I just couldn’t stand a man penetrating me after what I saw in a movie about the lady who bled after she was raped.

Let’s go back to Kwasi. Kwasi, my 16th boo was a gentleman I really admire, he was a stammerer. One reason Kwasi’s break up with me is so painful is that, Kwasi is one of the few guys I dated for long. I thought he was an angel, not knowing he was something else altogether. Kwasi also broke my heart painfully. A much more painful than any other broken heart. But here comes the most painful broken heart on my 17th birthday. You don’t wanna miss this. This is what you have been waiting for. You can’t journey with me to this point and not read the final episode (episode 10). Anticipate the final episode.

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