So, this was how Kwasi abandoned me. please do well and read the previous episodes.

My fear of ‘selling out’ my pride never made me give him what he wanted so we ended up breaking up. I thought I could get over it and move on. Yeah, I did move on after the pains and scars Kwasi left in me, especially turning me into a fake person with false identity. In the house, I was the holiest person but let me be left alone in my room or around my bad friends and I was found to be a different satanic species altogether. These are serious scars Kwasi has left on me. These are scars I find difficult to discuss with my parents. I grew with these scars and they were turning me into a monster. By age 14, I had dated more than 4 boys but they all didn’t go anywhere. While jumping from one boy to another, I realized it wasn’t love I was seeking for but a revenge, I just wanted Kwasi to feel jealous but hey, this beast didn’t care. Therefore, I planned to ‘mafia’ any guy who comes into my trap. Of course, I willingly broke up with those four guys who came my way. Some shed tears, others took it in good faith. At age 14 and afterwards, I started to ‘play’ men but as usual none of them had the chance to penetrate me. I was very smart, but fear was my main weapon to escape these ‘dirty’ men who wanted to taste the ‘apple’ in me. I have more ‘fillas’ for you on these men, don’t worry kwraa. Let’s talk about Kwasi. Like I indicated earlier, I still love Kwasi. Of course, so many things have happened since we broke up till now. In those days, we were very naïve, we didn’t know much but at least I am now an SHS graduand, likewise Kwasi. Kwasi is now a shy guy, he is now looking more handsome. Life has ways to repair our mistakes. I heard some rumors about Kwasi and I have come to realize that he has indeed changed. I was shocked when I heard he was the school chaplain while in SHS. He now looks responsible and that has been what I had been looking for ever since Kwasi broke my heart. But I never found any. Virtually all of them wanted something from me. Yes! There were good men I encountered but they all wanted to ‘taste’ me which I wasn’t willing to. I have now seen the gentleness and seriousness in Kwasi my first love. But will he give me a chance at all? He is now shy, this is unbelievable. I can’t even approach him again. Life indeed changes. With time, humans can change for the better. But I haven’t changed. Maybe I am rather changing for the worse. Hmmmm! Anyway, I am happy for Kwasi. At least, we have a new saint on earth. God and the angels will be happy. But sometimes I ask myself if I will make it to heaven. Chaley e no be easy o. I do things paa o

Anticipate the part 9 where I will be telling you my adventures with married men. You don’t wanna miss this!

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