Despite the pains, guilt and fake life I started living as a result of what Kwasi put me into, he still broke my heart. Of course, my judgement was right. Naa was Kwasi’s girlfriend. In fact, according to Kwasi, Naa is his serious girlfriend. Kwasi claimed he just wanted to use me and abandon me. In fact, let me quote exactly what Kwasi said after eavesdropping at his door. pls do well and read the previous episodes.

My hormones aroused me lustfully again and I needed to ‘quench’ this desire so I had to run to Kwasi’s place so I can watch the porn materials some. Unfortunately, when I got to Kwasi’s house, Naa was there. I am certainly sure Naa began to suspect him and didn’t want to offer her body to Kwasi. Kwasi begged her and in the course of ‘bargaining,’ Kwasi said, “Ow that girl? I have nothing to do with her o, she is just a tool for entertainment. I just want to use her and dawg her” Kwasi referred to me as a tool for entertainment? I am sure by now you are amazed at the kind of words and things Kwasi did even as at that tender age. Hehe. You haven’t heard nor seen anything yet. The world is growing. Humans are growing, children are growing. Children are exposed to so many things so don’t let this surprise you. So yes! I had wanted to leave out of anger upon hearing those ‘bashful’ words from Kwasi but I was still having this love for him. I needed to be sure of what Kwasi said and meant. How could he call me a tool for entertainment? Apart from the caressing, Kwasi has never done it with me before. For crying out loud, I am still a virgin. Yeah! Don’t be surprised. I might have walked from men to men but hey, my hymen is still intact. Even though I have some ‘defects’ as far as lust, holiness and sexual stuff are concerned, I am still a proud ‘virgin’ who has ‘seen no man.’ I mean no man has ever penetrated me. Yeah but that doesn’t make me better than those who flirt anyhow. No! I am a very bad girl. Some prostitutes may even be better than I am. You have no idea what I have done; mention all the bad things in unhealthy sexual lifestyles and I will show that I am well experienced in them. You know them already haha. No need to mention them.

After inquiring from Kwasi, he told me point blank that all he needed from me was sex but since he never had it from me, he thinks I don’t love him so I should just give him some space. After he said this I was really confused. I still loved him but that scene in the movies I watched about the lady who bled after she was raped kept on playing and rewinding in my brains. I felt like giving him what he wants but I was afraid. Sometimes it is good to fear! Fear can save you!

Anticipate the next episode. You don’t wanna miss this. More beautiful stories will be unravelling in the next episode

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