Ow yeah. Kwasi was so glad due to the mannerisms I showed to indicate that I could give him whatever thing he wishes. I almost said “Kwasi, I will give you whatever you wish, just talk to me.” But on a second thought, I rather asked him whether he loves me. Then he asked, “what kind of question is that?” “Of course, I do love you so much” Kwasi replied. Then He started moving towards me, by then I was becoming dizzy, I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was already falling into this ‘hot’ temptation. Kwasi succeeded in grabbing me into his bed. Just when he was about removing his shirt, then we heard a knock on the door. Please kindly read the previous episodes if you haven’t read yet. Who could be at the door? Kwasi’s mom? His dad? My mom? My dad? At this hour of the day when everyone was out of the house for work? I was seriously in a state of pandemonium. Kwasi reluctantly opened the door and there was a lady at the door. The lady quickly run inside the room without seeking for permission. Who was this lady? I was confused. Could this lady be Kwasi’s girlfriend too? I was becoming jealous. I almost went out in anger but Kwasi calmed me down and said I shouldn’t be angry. Kwasi introduced her to me as his friend. She is called Naa. May her soul rest in peace! Naa died from ectopic pregnancy last year. Who was this Naa girl kwraa. What has she got to do with my lover, Kwasi. In fact, that day is the day I wish never happened to my life. Guess what Naa and Kwasi always do when Kwasi’s parents were out. Both of them watched pornography and experimented on what they watched till they are ‘satisfied.’ That day was when I was introduced to pornography and it has ‘tormented’ my life till this day. I left Kwasi’s house full of devilish, barbaric, satanic and lustful images imprinted in my brains. I ‘enjoyed’ what I watched and so whenever I had the opportunity to his house, I made ‘good’ use of these unpleasant materials. As childish as I was, I didn’t know what I was feeding my brains with. All along, my parents thought I am good child. Yes! My parents tried their best to make me comfortable, they ‘spoilt’ me with gifts, ow yeah they sometimes talked to me but they never had the chance to sit with me and talk deep into matters to know if I am facing any challenge in life. No! they never did that. They never bothered to even let me visit the psychologist for at least some mental therapy. I was ‘dying’ within but nobody was aware of it. I needed help but fear and pride wouldn’t allow me. I was afraid how my parents will feel about my mess. I didn’t want to lose my dignity as the good girl my parents know me to be. Despite the fact that Kwasi almost raped me in my own house, my parents never stopped me from going to Kwasi’s house. I was just messing around and nobody was aware. I believe I am not the only person who has faced this ‘tragic’ mess. Many of you reading this piece might have experienced similar situation. It hasn’t been easy but I still persisted. My love for God was declining, at a point in my life I thought God doesn’t love me anymore. I was moving away from God. Despite all these pains and burdens Kwasi put on me, he had the audacity to break my heart! My eyes are filled with tears even as at this moment I am writing to you.

Anticipate the part 7 where I will be telling you how Kwasi broke my heart

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