Kuami Eugene’s biological father appears on social media to expose his son’s real age and name (video).

Kuami Eugene in an interview on Stacy Amoateng’s television program revealed for the first time that, his father abandoned him when he was very young.

In a new story today, the artiste of the year, Kuami Eugene said that, he really suffered when he was young, because his mother was also poor, it was difficult for her to raise him up all by herself. So he was taken to his uncle to bring him up in Fadama.

Aside this, a man of 60 years has also popped up on social media with claims that, Kuami, is his son. He mentioned his name as Mr. Samuel Kwesi Boakye.

According to Mr. Boakye, his son’s name is Kofi Boakye and not Kuami Eugene Marfo, as he has informed the world on social media.

The man went on to say that, Kuami Eugene is 33 years and not 23 years as he has told his fans around the globe on internet. He interacted that, he gave birth to Kuami Eugene in 1983 and not 1997 as he has stated on everywhere to his fans.

Mr. Boakye also said that, he did not abandoned Kuami Eugene and his mother as he said on Stacy Amoateng’s program, rather, he went out of the village to seek for greener pastures, and when he returned to the village, he realized his wife and Kuami Eugene were no more in the village.

He continued that, he went in search of his son and wife, but to no avail. Later on, he heard that, one Marfo came and took his wife away when he went in search of greener pastures. He could not bring the woman back again, he highlighted.

He continued that, he asked of his son and he was told that, he had gone to live with his uncle in Fadama, but was not told where exactly they were staying.

It was later on he heard that, his son has turned into a musician, and he went to Peace FM, a popular radio station in Accra, to take his number from a producer who normally holds the entertainment program of that station.

Mr. Boakye said that, his presence on social media is not to make himself popular over his son’s fame, nor come and enjoy his son’s glory, but to unite with the family for people to recognize him as Kuami’s biological father and not the said Marfo, as Kuami is using the name now.

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