Broken heart is one of the most painful ‘moments’ everyone wishes never to experience. While some people are able to come out strongly after their hearts are ‘broken,’ others become ‘monsters’ after broken heart. Which one of these are you? Are you now stronger with experience or you have given up and have turned into a monster? Please do well to read the previous episodes before this. I almost gave up and I was gradually becoming a monster until someone intervened in my life to advise me. You have no idea how you can mess your life should you give up. Oww! I now regret for my past. I am ashamed of myself. I messed up big time by following big men. How childish I was. I thought I was revenging not knowing I was fooling myself. Chaley! I chop big men dema money o. Wey I intentionally break dema hearts too. Ei. Will God forgive me at all for all these sh*t I have done? But hey! I have good news for you. I am much stronger now. Yes! I have messed up big time but I have moved on. I will never give up in life. This should be your anthem; Never give up in life. After I had my broken heart with Kwasi my first love, I was actually becoming a beast though I didn’t fully become a beast. Hehe. Now, let me tell you how Kwasi broke my heart. These ‘deceptive’ hormones in us made us ‘fall in love’ for one another. Gradually, my ‘love’ for Kwasi was becoming deeper. We completed the last term in primary six and we had the vacation to ourselves. The vacation before ‘graduating’ to JHS was awesome until when Kwasi broke my heart. I had great moments with Kwasi during that vacation. I also had great moments with the family of Kwasi. I normally visited him and he did same. We learnt together as well. But something funny happened which led to the break up. What was that? Sometimes when I see children become promiscuous or wayward, I put blames on their parents for not being close to them. Trust me, most of us would have escaped these unfortunate behaviors we are struggling with now if our parents moved very close to us and talked to us about them while we were between ages 4-8. I mean about sex! Yes, everything about sex including relationship! As naïve as I was, Kwasi tried to rape me during one of his visiting hours to my house. As to how I was able to escape this temptation which would have ended me in being raped, it is still a mystery I am yet to understand. But I think a movie I once watched partly helped me to escape this rape. I once watched a movie where a young lady was raped and she bled. That scene was so unpleasant to me and I never wanted to experience it. I remember very well about that movie. I was actually watching it with my mom. After that scene, I asked my mom that “how do I escape this kind of abuse?” My mom replied, “anytime someone tries to do a thing like this with you, SCREAM for help.” Of course, that was exactly what I did and Kwasi run away. I reported him to my dad. My dad, as usual was very calm. In fact, my dad is one of the calmest men I have ever seen in this planet. My dad went to Kwasi’s house to report the matter to Kwasi’s parents. Kwasi’s parents apologized and said Kwasi has a problem with pornography. That might have pushed him to try such a silly act with me. Children really need proper training before they get into adolescence or else once they pass the adolescence age with some behaviors, they may mess up big time. So yes! I moved on thinking Kwasi will come and apologize to me but he never did. Kwasi wasn’t shy of me but all of a sudden, he developed hatred for me. Meanwhile I still loved him. Since Kwasi never wanted to talk to me, I went to his house to beg him so that we can be friends again but Kwasi wouldn’t listen to me. Kwasi claimed I betrayed him by reporting him. But what was I supposed to have done? I begged Kwasi till I almost said, “okay I will give you whatever you desire.” Guess what Kwasi did….

Stay tuned as I bring to you the next episode. Kwasi. hmmmmm

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