House girl feeds her master’s baby with her own urine (video).

The Ugandan news reports on young girl who fed her boss’ baby girl with own fresh urine she urinated.

Victoria was employ into the home of a busy couple who had to work 6 days in the week. For this reason, they contacted a relative to help them acquire a God fearing young lady who would help them keep the home with their little born baby girl.

The 20-year-old Veronica, duty was to take care of the baby girl while her boss’ wife go to work without much stress.

For about 8 months of living with the couple, the little baby started falling sick without understanding of the result of the lab tests that was conducted on her.

The poor little girl contracted several forms of STD’s at her age.

Upon an underground steady, the couples realized their house help was giving her urine to their baby when they left home for work. She was exchanging the baby’s food with her fresh urine and she was forcing the baby to take it while they left to work.

The moment they got that on their video Cameras, they handed the Ugandan house girl to the police while they took care of their baby girl.

Veronica, has been sentenced to four years imprisonment and the little baby is still fighting for her life as she has been put on medications to have her cure.

Please watch the video here:

This has placed a lot of couples in fear at Uganda.

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