Hey! Today comes with another episode. You don’t ‘wanna’ miss this! Kindly go back and read the earlier episodes if you haven’t read them!

Yes! Myself and Amina have plenty stories for you! Amina has been one of my closest friends ever since I moved into her life due to my curiosity. Since I have ‘gossiped’ about Amina’s background to you in the episode 3, let me also tell you about my background and most especially about my first love, Kwasi (who broke my heart when I was 12). Unlike Amina who was from a broken home, I come from a legitimate and ‘well organized’ home. I still stay together with my parents but they have no idea what I have gone through and what I am going through. It hasn’t been easy hiding all my troubles, burdens and pains from my parents.

I ‘met‘ Kwasi, my first love when I was about ‘graduating’ from primary school to Junior High School (JHS). Kwasi was my class prefect from class one to class six. Kwasi has been a very good friend to me since childhood. His house wasn’t far from my house. My parents knew Kwasi’s parents and vice versa. Of course, as we grow from childhood, and getting into adolescence, our hormones begin to ‘activate’ and so we begin to experience some ‘funny’ feelings. I hope you understand me? “Haha.” It was in class six that my hormones ‘deceived’ me into failing in love with Kwasi. As childish as I was and just as many of you might have done before, I wrote a letter on a piece of paper to Kwasi telling him how I love him. Funnily and fortunately for me, Kwasi also caught the same ‘feelings’ for me. Meanwhile Kwasi’s parents normally teased me that Kwasi is my husband, since we did virtually everything together; from going to school to coming back from school to the house. We sometimes even ate together. I remember how we used to study together, how we competed for the first position in class. It was either Kwasi or I who normally took the first position from class one to class six. I remember how Kwasi’s parents and mine always gave us advice and encouraged us to learn hard. I remember how these wonderful parents always promised and honored their promises by giving us good treats whenever we excelled so well in our exams. I remember how we normally spent the Christmas together as a ‘family.’ I remember how Kwasi came to my rescue when someone engaged me in a fight (when I was in class five). I bet you, I never knew Kwasi was that brave and strong. You won’t believe the kind of beatings Kwasi gave to this little boy who came troubling me. These memories may sound funny and childish but I wish they are happening now. Those days were interesting. How I wish Kwasi is mine now. But unfortunately, he is taken. This is so sad. I thought I had moved on! But no! I still have these scars in me.

Anticipate the next episode as I bring to you in details my broken heart experiences

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