Video of a Ghanaian Spiritualist, who claims to be powerful than God.

He calls himself Adonai. Claims, he is the only human powerful than God. He brags that, he sees the past, present and future of any human being that comes into contact with him. He explains why he is equal or power than God.

This young Ghanaian spiritualist calls himself Adonai, and has stormed back to open up startling overview in an exclusive interview while speaking to two journalist, Adwoa and Sammy Tuga.

Adonai made claims of being on the same height with God because he is the only person on earth who can determine ones past, present and future. He opened up about himself by saying that, he talks to demons every day and knows the in and out of them from the spiritual realms.

The spiritualist who also presented himself in dreadlocks spoke a lot about the demons and how they operates in people with wild sexual urges. He said, masturbating plays a significant role in with humans and the demons.

Talking in an interview, he said, prayers can never change a person who indulges in masterbation. Because the demons involved with masterbation are very hard to deal with, no amount of prayers can deliver a person who is into masterbation.

He said, a lot of the youth who are sexually active have connections with the demons and they have made them slaves to that sexual urge. The demons use them as they want, making them slaves of theirs.

Watch the video as he interacts with the journalists on how he claims he is powerful here:

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