35-year-old stabbed to death in Ashanti Region over family property.

A 35-year-old man Izudeen Lawal, has been stabbed to death by his own brother in the Suame community, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

An eyewitness narrated that, Lawal and his cousin, Fuseni, have been quarreling in the house where the two of them live for some time now over the property left for them by their late parents.

The Inspector on the issue who was interviewed in Kumasi said that, on Monday, the two relatives had a quarrel and along the line, Lawal’s cousin, Fuseni, went into his room and pulled out a knife and came out and stabbed his cousin in the neck twice.

After Fuseni realized his cousin Lawal, had fallen unconscious on the ground, he rushed to the police station and lodged an assault complaint against his cousin, Lawal.

Minutes later, Lawal’s junior sister, Hajaara Mohammed, also rushed to the police station to lodge complaint about the death of his brother that was caused by his cousin, Fuseni.

Hajaara Mohammed, told the police that, Fuseni, has killed and must be dealt with accordingly by the law. She said, the police must establish authorities that will take care of disputes in families on properties for family members in the Zongo communities and other families in Ghana.

It was ascertained by certain community members that, the two brothers were on dispute over political differences. But the sister of the decease debunked the information and said, the two brothers were fighting over a room in the house.

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