15-year-old girl dies in shooting incident at ‘Odododiodoo’ during polls.

In the recent elections that took place in the whole country, after the polls at the Odododiodoo constituency, Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuye for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was emerged the Member of Parliament. He hasn’t yet been sworn into office.

During the proceedings of the voting, when the votes were being counted, it happened that both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) members and NDC members were jubilating for truimph.

Some shootings went on and three people lost their lives. Among these three was a young girl of 15 years, who followed her mother to go to the centre to vote and were waiting for the votes to get counted.

After some time, the young girl was not seen and all the family heard was, she had been shot and the body has been taken to the morgue. Her mother and grandmother followed up in the morning to the hospital to find out the truth about what they were told.

The truth was then confirmed after they saw her lifeless body lying on the ground with gun shots all over her chest and face. she was the youngest among the three persons who were shot.

The family is believed to be members of the NDC. But the police who shot their daughter are members belonging to the NPP. The family is however pleading with the government to help them financially bury their daughter.

According to them, they have less to help them to bury their decease financially.

Pathetically, the girl is a school going girl who has not even completed Junior High School.

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