Kuami Eugene shares his sad story about his career with Stacy- Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene has revealed that at the young age of 13 his father gave up on him because there was no hope in his career and thinking he would not amount to much in life.

Speaking on restoration with Stacy Amoateng, the Lynx Entertainment signee said owing to his “super stubbornness” as a child, his father decided not to spend any money on his upkeep

“With my other siblings, he was supporting, but when it comes to myself, my dad stopped supporting me when I was in JHS because I’m not the kind he thought would bring something better [out]”.

According to Kuami Eugene, his curiosity, drive and thirst for something other than academics made him appear as though he had no future.

“The whole family was clever. Me, I’m clever but I want to chase something else. I’m too stubborn….. My dad lost hope in me when I was very young. I was like 13,” Kuami Eugene said on Restoration with Stacy.

Despite overhearing his father tell his mom that he would no longer spend any money on Kuami’s upkeep, that didn’t change his attitude.

“I was very stubborn, and to emphasize, I was raised in Fadama (a suburb of Accra), so my level of my stubbornness was very high and you need to be a tough mom before you can handle me.

“You need to be somebody who never gives up to handle me because I was really stubborn. So I don’t blame my dad sometimes, perhaps he just couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Although his father gave up on him, his mother mother remained committed to him.

He added that”My mum means a lot to me. I owe her. Whoever I am today, she had to put me here and I learned a lot from her”.

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