John Dramani Mahama gets slapped on claiming the election is a fraudulent election

Dean of the Business School of the University of Cape Coast Professor John Gatsi has called for a legal action against the Electoral Commission(EC) to compel the elections management body to explain disparity claims with regard to the results of the recently held general elections.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rejected the results as announced by the EC and the party’s Presidential Candidate, John Dramani Mahama believes the results were manipulated in favour of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). 

We should accept and unite to resolve the electoral problems now. Hypocrisy does not promote peace, it only silences people and plant pain and bitterness in their hearts and daily meditation to emerge at a later date and perhaps in another form. We do not have angels in political parties, the Electoral Commission and government. We should accept that mistakes can occur and sometimes they may be intentional. That is why we must work together.”

Again, Professor Gasti said just as the rejection of the election results put demands on the Electoral Commission, security agencies, and government, it is important for the party and candidates who rejected the results to appreciate the responsibility to voters. 

Furthermore, He added that if the Electoral Commission does not act timely, legal action should be sought. 

“Refusal to go to court as the final game plan will create huge reputation challenges. At the court, the electoral commission will be cross-examined with relevant questions and the public will know everything and judge for themselves. A political party has the future in mind in all of its strategic games. 

Also, Many honoured people in the country are blaming the former president for the actions of violence going on after the election. They said he should call for peace and accept the outcome of the election

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