Yeah! So like I said in the episode one (1), I have really gone through a lot. But like I promised you in the episode two (2), I will be telling you about Amina and her seven (7) abortions. Please kindly read the part 1 & 2 before reading this or else you will be missing a lot.

Amina’s case is something else altogether. While I was ‘exposed’ to men at 12, Amina had her first boyfriend when she was 9 years old. Sometimes when I consider Amina’s background and her ‘wayward’ life, I feel she is not to blame. Imagine a poor girl like Amina who comes from a broken home, and stays with the father. I mean what proper upbringing can Amina’s father possibly give Amina when he (the father) is a womanizer and ‘drug abuser?’ In fact, I was not surprised after hearing Amina’s sad ‘history’ and the fact that Amina is a weed smoker who is becoming addicted to drugs. Frustration and drug abuse are the major causes of Amina’s wayward life. Amina is very brilliant but her ‘crazy’ nature repels many people from getting closer to her. There are genuine helpers who can actually help Amina but her attitude will never attract these helpers.

Oh yes! Amina and her 7 abortions. Amina had about 5 abortions before getting to Senior High School. I have not witnessed those five (5) but the two (2) that I can remember is what I will tell you. The sixth (6th) one was very terrible. In fact, everyone thought Amina wouldn’t make it after going through ‘illegal surgery.’ Despite the pains she passed through in her sixth (6th) abortion, she still had the courage to do a seventh (7th) abortion! ‘Ei.’ This ‘vim’ ‘dierrr,’ it is only drugs that can push one to gather courage and commit a ‘crime’ like this o.

It was in form one that Amina aborted her sixth (6th) ‘baby.’ I remember vividly that afternoon when the house mistress called for the dorm prefect of dorm 5. I happened to be the dorm prefect for dorm 5 when I was in form one. Amina was in my dorm but I wasn’t really into terms with her. It was through her terrible abortion that we became friends. So, I responded to the call of the house mistress and followed her to the hospital. Apparently, Amina had a place she normally did her abortions but due to the pains she was going through after the ‘unsuccessful’ abortion, she was rushed to the hospital for proper treatment. I got to the hospital and there lied this beautiful but ‘helpless’ lady on the bed with tears all over her face. The mistress asked me if I know her, I said “yes, she is my dorm mate.” We waited for some hours, Amina was then discharged from the hospital and we took her back to school. While in the mistress’ car back to campus, Amina never uttered any word. After we arrived on campus, Amina was asked to see the school’s psychologist for some therapies and advice. Amina responded to that obediently.

After some few days, I couldn’t control by curiosity so I moved closer to Amina and since then till now, Amina has been one of my closest and craziest friends. Myself and Amina have interesting stories for you.

Expect more stories from us in the next episodes.

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