Bulldog surprises Ghanaians with his warm wishes to Nana Addo

One of the regular pundits in Ghana, Nana Nsiama, popularly known as ‘Bulldog’, who is into most of the entertainment shows in Ghana has also had an issue. He is one person who normally speaks sense whenever he is invited to entertainment shows. Most of what he says makes sense and also causes stir on social media.

As usual, he went to do a pundit on a show and during the course of the show, he raised some issues saying that his dream is that John Dramani Mahama emerges as the president of Ghana, then God is not God.

However, Ghanaians were really surprised when he posted on his Facebook page that ‘congratulations Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’. after Nana Addo was declared president of Ghana. People expected him to say something worse but Bulldog has really proved to Ghanaians that, peace should prevail and we are one people, one nation, so whoever comes out as winner should be supported by all.

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