There a magic way to increase blog traffic? Everybody wants to get more and more traffic to their website or blog because this is the reason why these web properties exist, but how do you go from 0 to 1,000 visits per day and then from 1,000 to 10,000?

1 – Patience is the key

Progress is much more important than anything else and while waiting, you can spend your energy in creating and publishing high quality content on a regular basis

2 – Optimize your blog for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key for your blog’s success. Why?For starters SEO will get you more traffic from Google and other search engines.SEO will get you more links since people tend to link to pages found in the first positions of GoogleSEO will get you more social shares for the same reason as above i.e. if you are on the first positions of Google then it means that your website is good so people are more than willing to share it in their social mediaNow that you are convinced that SEO is a must, how do you optimize your blog for SEO?Well, there is no one magic solution or technique you can follow but understanding the basis of an SEO friendly website and going through our SEO checklist will certainly put you in the right direction.

3– Publish Quality Content

High quality content is:Original and Unique – the exact same content is not published on any other websiteDescriptive – It gives a complete detail view of a situation, covering all sides of a story (i.e. it’s not biased)Has an author – Users can see who wrote the content, it is not written by admin or unknown.

4 – Publish Frequently

When you have a well-defined publishing schedule (for example Mon, Wed, Fri), this gives another incentive for users to re-visit your page and also for search engines to come back and get the new content and learn more about your websiteDon’t forget that search engines want to keep their users happy by showing up-to-date and accurate information in their search results so when you update your website regularly they will pick your content even faster

5 – Promote your Content in the social world

Don’t just publish content but promote it as well. Your ‘job’ is not finished when you hit the publish button. Creating and publishing blogs is the first part of the blogging equation, the second part is to promote your content so that it gets the attention it deserves.Promoting your content in social media has many direct and indirect benefits and it is the best way to quickly spread the word about your new content.

6- Do your keyword research

It will help you get a higher return from your blogging efforts since a blog post that is the result of keyword research has more chances of getting more organic and social traffic.Keyword research is an important tool for all your digital marketing efforts and it is the starting point of SEO, PPC marketing but also social media marketing

7-Rinse and Repeat

You are long enough in this business you should know by now that getting traffic to a website is not a once off process but it is something that needs a lot of patience and hard work.

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