Donald Trump executes( legally killer) more than all the Presidents combined. Click to check people who were executed


Donald Trump is the incumbent President of the Republic of USA. An election surveyed recently but he lost to Joe Biden . Now, Joe Biden is the President Elect in USA

Mr Trump will have been seen the most execution US President more than all the Previous Government.. They are five more people to be executed

Also , Bernard was convicted of Murder. Before his death, he told the family of the couple he is sorry before dying. The federal prosecutor who defended Bernard’s death sentence had called for Bernard to see out his sentence in prison . 

In an opinion piece published in the Indianapolis Star, Angela Moore wrote: “Having learned so much since 2000 about the maturation of the human brain and having seen Brandon grow into a humble, remorseful adult fully capable of living peacefully in prison, how can we say he is among that tiny group of offenders who must be put to death?”

Some people were against his execution claiming he was 18 at that age and shouldn’t be held of a crime. Unfortunately. His execution took off before those commentators 

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