Must Read!! Chymall Special Communique Concerning Withdrawal Rejection.

Good morning to everyone.
Infact it seems all of you do not understand the communique from Chymall hence you are saying anything and everything.

Old members that have multiple account are not affected.

Multiple account are now not going to be allowed in chymall by one member.

Hence one member, one chymall account.

Breakdown of communique :

The communique simply means that from now onwards one cannot use on bank account (Mobile money number) to withdraw in multiple account. hence if one should do that, your money will be rejected back into your back office.

The company is facing serious challenges with members that have multiple account but at the same time use one bank account (momo number) for all their account to withdraw at the same time.

From now Onwards too, the company is preventing members from opening multiple accounts.

The system is being updated/upgraded in a way that will prevent members from opening multiple accounts.

One account per one member and one bank account number (momo).

Now to those that have multiple account including myself, the company is not crushing any of your account.

All your account are active but just that if you want to place a withdrawal, you have to do p2p transfer from your multiple account into your main account and withdraw from there at once.

But don’t withdraw from here and there by using one bank account.

If you do that, your withdrawal will be rejected.

Use one account to issue all your withdrawals even though if you have multiple account.

Use one Account to issue all your withdrawals even though if you have multiple account.

If you have more account then transfer all your point to one account and withdraw from there Always.



14 thoughts on “Must Read!! Chymall Special Communique Concerning Withdrawal Rejection.

  1. So what is the need of referrals? From what I have read above, the company is indirectly discouraging people from doing referrals.
    Look it’s not really easy to convince people to register, and the person decides to open another account for himself/herself, is it not the same thing as referral??? I hope the company is not looking for a way to stop paying registered members.

    1. You do not understand.Read properly, what the company is saying transfer all your points to one account and do your withdrawal. not withdrawing from different accounts same name and will cause confusion.As simple as ABC

  2. Chymall should hasten up and open company account so that our transactions with the company will be more easy and transparent, I don’t think they will last if they don’t have company account with any Nigeria bank

    1. This is understandable,when you talk about multiple accounts,but what I don’t understand is,some one has one account,he is in the business already,he withdrew money and didn’t get the value,for almost a month now, money didn’t return to his Chymall account and it didn’t drop in his naira account also,the customer care has been saying it will be paid for all eternity, what is the issue? Iam really pissed here.pls if you have suggestions for me,go on.

      1. Noticed the customer care can only solved technical issues but when it comes to money not hitting you bank account and your points not returned to your back office, it’s a NO!
        Try and see if you can do P2P to your sc and get paid it’s a better way to get paid without headache.
        Hope this helps!

  3. Quantum Greetings to you all
    I think what ever the company is doing to promote n advance the business is best for us all
    This business module was invented for our financial Freedom and the purpose to Transform Ordinary People to Extraordinary People
    They have the forsight/blueprint of this opportunity, lets allow them drive it save for us. Thank

  4. I think the idea of withdrawing from one account of the same user once a week is a nice Idea, not ceasing multiple accounts cos the height by which they reach now and the position they are in the network marketing industry is mostly by the power of Multiple accounts. So if they stop multiple accounts now, they may not reach the height the y expected and when they expect it. So I suggest they should not stop multiple accounts.

  5. My withdrawal was rejected but money is yet to be refunded into my back office. What could be the problem?

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