Under the Lights

You possibly by now have no clue of what you just clicked on.You were just curious,or perhaps ‘passing by’.Its all good and as nothing happens for nothing.I’m grateful you did.

What comes to mind when you think of the subject?Try giving yourself a break of ten seconds to pause and attempt in figuring out what this entails before you proceed.

Once again,I earnestly appreciate that you chose to see this page to read and to scrutinize its contents.I believe that by the end of reading,you’ll be at least ten percent accurate on the guessing its descriptive.You’re clever right?

But really,was this always true?You make mistakes sometimes,wrong surmises,don’t you?Don’t begin the wrong conception please.This was truth.With this topic I’m sure not been an exception.Even for me because I’m no different to err.

Facts are always facts but before it became one,what were the qualifications?Trust me,I don’t reason to speak in a coded language or orient in a direction that isn’t familiar.To be clear and real is what I reason doing in this address.

The streets.Yes I’m talking of the streets.Of the souls who had made an intolerable substituted home which had constant conditions of self defense,cooperation with unfavourable weather temperatures,vulnerability,in all an unpreferred style of living.This people,not for necessarily been destituted but because of life’s challenges and hardships,certain wrong decisions,what we call Circumstances.Persons whom we find difficult to call brothers,sisters,family because they just can’t,because they are tagged unworthy,indecent,unfit.Its is natural to pass by one without thinking twice of ignoring their unendings pleas.Like instincts called,they just had to do something.They are known to be thieves.Maybe they were,maybe not.There will be definitely reasons to tell;personal encounters,rumours,observations and even judgements.

Let me tell you the stories of six different individuals who have most of their living outdoors which they described to be a haven.


She originally lives in the northern part of the country with her mother and ten other siblings in secluded shelter away from her father and four other wives who also had similar states.Seveenteen and been the firstborn of her mother’s and nineteeth of her father’s,she had to carry some responsibilities to suppport her own siblings as she was concerned about their development.Her father had done enough as she knew and was constantly reminded by him anytime she performed her daughterly duties by serving him food when it was her turn.It was customary in their tradition for young girl who was been trained up to be a good wife to serve her father meals prepared by her mother.It was to help imculcate the quality of service in the female.She was blessed to have completed basic formal education at her age with brilliant grades.However,there was another season,this was hers to strive for.For a better life different from what she saw in her town.She had learnt from her mother that the cities in the coastal plains paid services well.With a little inspiration and determination on her mind,she left off for the big city.

She was even grateful her mom had given her a fair amount of money,an amount which could feed her,her mother and all ten brothers,the whole week.However,the money gradually left its owner and by the third day,she could barely buy anything. Hussling,she realized was what she came to do and it was no joke.The cost of living in her changed environment was different.After a week excluding the three other days of persistence and starvation,she finally had work.She had gotten the opportunity at a construction site of carrying mortar eight hours a day at most everyday.Nevertheless,she ended up spending between ten to twelve hours a day

Even with that,she was happy aside the other unfairness of her wages been halved that other workers were given.She could now send a few provisions at the end of the month to her family.She had to endure the nights of insufficient sleep due to houseflies,constant freezing and sometimes worries from unscruplous guys but she was a survivor,she always told herself. Her mission was to help her brothers no matter how long it took and to also build herself up soon.


This one had been on the streets all his life.With no knowledge of his origin,all he had was two other brothers and no parents.The only adult who had taken a little care of the boys,the same who made it clear that the other two related to him,one they called master was a whack.A person of no good influence who only knew how to make money out of young children.Wagzeid had been introduced to drugs long before puberty initiated him into his teens.He hated what he did.Living with narcotics,swindling and playing as a charlatan to innocent people wasn’t what he loved to do.He had had a feel of the effects of drugs before despite selling them and had consented to avoid them in his mouth.It wasn’t easy especially when he lived fighting off the streets with his two elderly brothers who ridiculed and tempted him because of his strong assertion.He had seen how the drugs had physically and mentally affected his brothers even as they were young.He did not want to end up like them or be wicked person like their master who used young boys for his interest.He wanted to be a gospel musician,for he loved the truth and wanted to display it in an artistic and entertaining manner.Though his brothers always discouraged the thought anytime he spoke of it.

He had once attended church.Just once but he could remember the scripture the man infront using the pulpit preached on.He was ten then.He was looking for scrubs to see if he could make something useful out of them for he wanted to create something new,a hobby he loved doing.He wasn’t even thinking about the sudden change in weather when this happened amd soon the heavy downpour took place.He was close to an open shed and took shelter there.That’s where it happened.He had been given a gideon new testament version by the preacher and even though he couldn’t read all the words(for he had been taught earlier by another street kid whom he hadn’t seen in a long time certain basic words)He gladfully prayed with the book every morning like it was a treasure.He had learnt God was the creator of everything and believed that this same one could do anything then for him.He believed because certain requests he made often was granted and he felt comforted anytime he did this.

Wagzeid wasn’t alright,he had stolen goods before and had even resorted to begging with his torn and rugged clothes sometimes when he didn’t want to deal with the drugs.Recognizing his skill in fixing faulty and broken items,he helped himself out with the talent but he hoped for a better option,a brighter one which he could enjoy living in,one he wasn’t ready to give up on.


This young lady’s plight of been on the streets was out of sheer disobedience.She had been advised on several occassions to be careful when it came to dealing with boys.Her parents especially had observed their second born’s sexual orientation and had took to aiding their daughter out.They had caught her in weird places with guys even though they had strictly warned her.She always labelled her male counterparts as friends and soon her parents let her be.Not long after,she had to vacate her family’s house for what she had brought upon herself for it was forbidden in her house.Her parents had warned her,this she had to blame herself.At sixteen,she had to fend for herself outside together with what she carried and for two years now she had been out on her own with her child,now two years old.She had learnt to adjust to her new life but she had wished she never had to take this turn,it had taught her a big lesson.She was taking responsibility but it wasn’t a good example for both herself and son.

Nothing was permanent,she motivated herself with these words and got to trade with items of confectionery.It wasn’t the best but what alternative was there for street hawkers without having to end up losing the little she had just to get nothing.It was what she could at least do.If nothing else at all it was better than bludging,she reassured herself to prevent been dissapointed.Her life wasn’t over.It wasn’t fictioned that she had a child at her age but she wasn’t done schooling,much more to get a sustainable family of her own,to be the loving daughter of her parents once again and to be a role model for other girls who had lived under the lights.

…to be continued

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