Mara Gomez becomes the first transgender woman to feature in Argentine football.

Mara Gomez became the first transgender woman to play in Argentina on Monday. Aged just 23, she got approved by the AFA which is the football association in Argentina and hence featured for the Lanus women’s side. She started the match as her team was thundered 7-1 by Villa San Carlos in the Division. It was her debut for the club and despite the loss, she expressed how glad she is to be given the opportunity to play women’s football.

She told ESPN football was a therapy was her and playing in the top division in Argentina is a dream come true, one she never thought was even possible to begin with. She stated it was rather unthinkable to even talk about it or start a debate on it but the roads have been opened and deems it a very great achievement. She went ahead to express how grateful she is towards her coach and teammates who graciously welcomed her and she is very glad to represent the transgender community as she is also part of a society which gives her a sense of belonginess.

She was also quick to thank the Argentine Football Organization whom made it possible for her to partake in the match and professional woman footballing activities in the country through the International Olympic Committee’s recommendations. Her club also took this opportunity to embrace the rights as a stepping road to mankind’s unity in football and celebrate the expansion of rights and presented her with the club jersey.

She was congratulated by the lot through messages and made a post on Instagram after the game. She captioned, ” It wasn’t magic, it wasn’t a gift, it wasn’t easy. There was a life of fighting, suffering, and sadness. There was a life on the edge of death and a broken heart. Many obstacles had to be overcome to revert the past…..This has only just begun. Today I breathe, today my soul returns to my body.” with a picture of the club presenting her with a jersey as she stood with her hands covering her face in joy.

She also called football as the “rescue to her life”. She said football arrived when she was in much need of it in her life. She was struggling in her psychological life , due to being discriminated for her gender and being excluded in a lot of things, people looking down on her rights and seeing her as a minority and a vulnerable in the societies. She saw it as a therapy and decided to adopt football as a culture.

We wish her good luck in her new expedition. We just hope she breaks no one’s legs with a tackle. Imagine scenes when she breaks Alex Morgan’s leg in a friendly, the abuses she will get from me and all those other millions of men…………

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