NDC Chairman Arrested For Trying To Vote Twice.

7th December in every leap year since the first elections have always seen Ghanaians vote for either a new leader as President or maintain an already ruling one. The votings also ensure that parlimentarians for various constituencies are elected. Some rules govern elections and one authorities are very strict on is voting twice.

A video was circulating around 9 o’clock on election day in 2020 showing NDC chairman voting twice during the elections and getting arrested as a result. He is currently being held into custody and interrogated. We still await updates on whatever is going on concerning this situation. NDC is the rival of NPP as these two parties have ruled the nation for over 20 years. NPP currently has its leader as the President whilst NDC will be looking forward to return to power again since John Dramani Mahama lost to the current President in the person of His Excellency, Nana Akuffo Addo way back in the year 2016.

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