John Dumelo likely to win the Parliamentary seat

The Ayawaso West Constituency has become one of the most popular and attention focused constituencies in the 2020 elections as actor John Dumelo, is seeking to win the seat for the NDC from the incumbent MP, Maa Lydia Alhassan.

Majority of Ghanaians on Social media are anxious to know the results from this constituency considering the whole drama that had come up from that particular constituency.

The constituency is a stronghold of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) who won the seats in 1992, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 and was only won by the NDC in 1996

With Maa Lydia Alhassan taking over the seat after her husband, Emmanuel Kwabena Agyarko died and won the elections in a By-elections.

In one polling station, Corner Corner within the constituency, Maa Lydia gave John Dumelo a very huge margin as she had 498 votes and John had just 22 votes, and that sparked trolls to begin on Twitter.

But the actor is doing well at some polling stations but it’s unknown yet if that would be enough for him.

So, we share with you the provisional results of some polling stations from the Ayawaso West Constituency.

Note: We would be updating this post with more results as and when we get it.

1.Ayawaso west wuogon -La Bawaleshie Presbyterian School 1

Lydia Alhassan=141

John Dumelo=194

2.Okponglo Restaurant polling station A

Lydia Alhassan 245

John Dumelo 308


Maa Lydia Alhassan:175

John Dumelo:102

4.Corner Corner Polling Station

Maa Lydia Alhassan:498

John Dumelo:22

5.Okponglo Restaurant B

Maa Lydia:201

John Dumelo: 348

6.Bawaleshie Pentecost Church 1

Maa Lydia Alhassan: 226

John Dumelo: 367

7.La Bawaleshie Presbyterian School 1

Maa Lydia Alhassa:141

John Dumelo:194

Total So Far Based on 7 Polling Station Provisional Results

Maa Lydia Alhssan:1,805

John Dumelo:1,633


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