Shatta bundle is well known or if not , the most popular midget in Ghana at the moment. He gained recognition on social media sometime ago due to the way he showboats and flaunts his wealth in our faces . This guy has managed to become a social media sensation and isn’t ready to let it fade anytime soon .

Well , Shatta bundle has managed to make heads again with a video circulating on social media . This video has to do with Shatta Bundle making out or kissing a slaying queen . The video has been met with mixed reactions from netizens and most of them seem to enjoy the view .

Some think the social media star has found the love of his life whilst others think the girl is just in for the money . Some also think Shatta Bundle is just doing so for the mere sake of hype .

Below is the actual video which was posted on Twitter.

So after watching this , what do you make of it ?

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Thank you.

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