Appreciate your way!!

In these days, man is blindly led by the discarded ways of an ignorant crowd such that he perceives and believes that the path used by numerous people to succeed is the only path he too can use to succeed. This mind set is a demon to a man who strives for triumph.
Use whatever skill you have to better your future. There’s not a man born of a woman without a talent. Your talent should not be controlled by another brain; control it yourself with your own brain. You can be offered guidance on your talent but you cannot be offered dictatorship on it.
Sometimes, parents, teachers, friends or the society at large influences a man negatively. A parent may say to a child, “Your friend is offering Science and you…ha! You will have no future if you become a musician. ” When this happens, low self-esteem may chip in and introduce failure soon. If a child aims at something, you’ve got to adequately guide and counsel him or her not to open your mouth to an unreasonable angle and bring hooey out of it. The mouth is a dangerous weapon so be careful how you use it. A word can inspire someone and change his life forever but a word could also kill a determined mind. Society should not discourage the aims of a determined mind. When a man gains praises come from every angle but often, we fail to realise what a man did to succeed.
Use your way to make a situation better. Don’t always be the one who uses the paths of others otherwise, when those paths get crowded you’ll be left behind. Create a path of fortunes so that people may use but don’t use a path of misfortunes created by someone else—There are so many ways of killing a cat.
When you fall, try and rise up with renewed energy. Remember that without darkness, stars can’t shine. When you fail in a particular field, shift to another. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”—Helen Keller. Nothing good comes easy. The Bible confirms that man must struggle to make ends meet. Genesis 3:19, “You will have to sweat to earn a living…” Thus the sweat that runs down your body will one day make a meaning.
Know who you are and what you want in life so that you can work towards that effectively. Don’t allow people to negatively influence you. If people try to bury you, be like a seed a grow up much stronger.
Appreciate your way!

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