Wife cheats with “Sugar Daddy” on famous African footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor

Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor is a professional footballer who is well known for having playing a lot of clubs in his career including Arsenal, Manchester City and even Tottenham Hotspurs. He played for the Togo National team and was voted best African footballer in 2008.

Rumors took over the media with outlets of Adebayor’s girlfriend , Dillish Matthews cheating on him. However, the rumors were proven to be true as Adebayor actually came out to accuse Dillish on cheating. He claimed Dillish told him she was going for a weekend trip with her best friend in Swakopmund, Namiibia. He claimed he could not reach her in a few days only to find out Dillish lied and she is actually in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. As funny as it sounds, Dillish claimed she does not know how she got there. Wow, she might have been kidnapped by a ghost then, who knows?

Adebayor posted again saying they once went on a beach expedition together in Swakopmund during one weekend. Dillish then introduced a man to Adebayor and claimed was her uncle who was very rich. Adebayor claimed he found out a few months later that the man was not Dillish’s uncle. He claims he sent money and gifts to the family and friends of Dillish in Namibia in appreciation for taking very great care of him at their time in Namibia. He claims he found out that less than 6% of all that he sent was actually given to just her friends and none to the family. Meanwhile, Dillish always called Adebayor stingy. Interesting.

Adebayor called her a narcissist for collecting his money in the name of appreciating his family only for her to lie about it. He decided to then blame it on bipolar and personality disorders as Dillish sleeps in one country and wakes up in another without her consciousness as she claims. Imagine cheating on someone like Adebayor with all that money with a “Sugar Daddy”. Money can buy anything except life, I think we can now add a woman’s satisfaction.

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