Hot Leaked Episode 2 Cont.

Maame: Because as we can all see from the pic you sent me you are a heavy loader

Derrick : (laughs) Don’t be deceived

Maame : pul-Lees,herh I hope you are not carrying a huge dick for nothing oo

Derrick : but did I tell you I have a huge dick?

Maame : Maybe I assumed wrongly?

Derrick : Why do think she is coming over?

Maame: Eiiiii saaa? Really you’re eating her tonight?

Derrick : (chuckles) well I can’t waste that chance, can I ?

Maame : so you gays have sex like how many time a week?

Derrick : This girl you are inquisitive oo

Maame : But what do u expect se wosi Maame girls de33 we are bad

Derrick : I shock self. Anyway we fuck like maybe 3 times a weekly. Can I ask you a question?

Maame: Go on

Derrick : Do you have boyfriend?

Maame: and if I say no will you believe me?

Derrick : Obviously not.

Maame : oh why

Derrick : because someone must be tapping that ass

Maame : Tapping that ass? Yes. Making me cum? No

Derrick : (laughs) you are crazy. Then wait until I am in between your thighs

Maame : Ouch! My pussy hurts already. Derrick you are a bad boy

Derrick : I just like to sauce my meat

Maame: (Seductively) mmm is it? So tell me, what will you do if you had me naked in your bed right now? I just shaved yesterday.

Derrick : I like to kiss the nipples, so that’s where I’m going to start from

Maame: Tell me more

Derrick : so I will bite softly o your nipples…..then gently rub your clit….And kiss your navel right down to your pussy.

Maame :. ……(silent)

Derrick: Maame!

Maame: Yeah bae

Derrick : Are you touching yourself?

Maame : sssssshhhh. Keep talking

Derrick: okay then lick your pussy slowly

Maame: (moans) wait Derrick wait wait…. I am really honey now. Like very very wet. You’re good wow.

Derrick : Yeah ? You got me hard on too. Now I want the real you.

Maame : You should see me now. I’m so wet and honey. But your girlfriend gonna take care of you.

Derrick: but I want you

Maame: You want to fuck me?

Derrick : I’d love to

Maame : if I let you into my pussy. You’d want more. I am warning you.

Derrick : and who says I want to leave.

To be continued. ….

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