A Lady answered her boyfriend who wants to play smart on her wisely (see reactions)

Cheating seems to be an inevitable act between two lovers in a relationship today. It’s as easy as I love u and at the beginning I correspond to your love, but as time passes, if one was found cheating, their endless love becomes diluted.

However as a result of adultery, not all diluted relationships today were caused, others are lack of money, if one does not provide for another, so their ending would be break up. This happens to ladies mainly as they prefer to do the odd and forget their original lover once they see another man loaded with cash.

Another cheating angle, however has been making a ripple online, but it’s not about money this time around. In this scenario, two lovers were seeing in a WhatsApp chat when a guy tried to put an end to their misunderstanding because he accumulated his ex to sleep over in his place. The lady concluded that after allowing his ex to sleep with him for weeks, the guy was nothing but hoodwinked. As she said in the WhatsApp conversation, she is very smart enough to know what’s up, while his ex was with him

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