(Video)A teacher caught in an empty class after school with a college doing this.

The manner at which some people indulge in crimes and evil of recent is getting my kind of person shocked. You can attest that there is none day that you will wake up in Ghana, and you won’t hear about stories that are very saddened to a person. It is as if a lot of atrocities is gradually being on the increase in our own generation, as the rate at which some Teachers treat the teenagers that are around them makes me cry, and I have asked myself several times if some of this teachers that stoop so low to play quilt games with younger ones that they are far more older than, what they stand to gain from it. It is pertinent to note that most people have forgotten that no matter what you do, no matter how you pray or beg for GOD’s mercy and forgiveness, you sure cannot avert the punishment, the consequences and the repercussions of your evil deeds. Because it is irreversible, and the worst part of it all is that the reward is generational. At times when I hear or see things that is happening in our Educational sector, I feel so devastated and will always think there is no hope again.

I was strolling down the internet this morning, when I stumbled on a particular picture that has been trending on all social media platforms, where an unidentified Teacher was caught in the act of playing the adult game with a Young teenager, whose identity could not be traced to any source due to the fact that their faces was covered. As it can be seen through the images posted on this article, where the man was having fun and was also taking advantage of her. Personally I was in deep shock and couldn’t utter a word, but I had to state categorically that this is sickest sign of the end time that is upon.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “JoelAppiah” who took his personal facebook wall to post the images stated that the unidentified Man was caught unaware on camera, when he was having fun with the innocent Teenager. Unknown to him, someone was filming the whole thing, and later shared in on the internet so that the whole world would see it, and probably the school Authorities too.

“I was very shocked over what thus unidentified Teacher was caught doing to this innocent young teenager. I don’t know of I should blame the school Authorities, or if I should blame the parents for not given their females proper home training. Bit this is height of wickedness, for he never knew he will be caught in the act inside The classroom”, JoelAppiah Said.

Meanwhile a lot of Ghanaians has totally condemn the act that this unknown Teacher was caught doing, right inside the classroom of these unidentified Teenager. Many stated that it is the fault of the Teenager who could know her right or her left. But in spite of this, to me I will say that the Teacher should be Punished severely.

Below are the pictures as was gathered by the correspondent “JoelAppiah”:

Who do you think should be held responsible for this evil act?

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