It’s alright to be nervous, even performers are sometimes.
It’s alright to break, even my voice does sometimes.

Yeah it’s alright to shake, even my lips do sometimes.
It’s alright to shiver too, even my hand does sometimes.
It’s also alright to feel lost, even myself does sometimes
It’s alright to trip, even my feet do sometimes.

It’s just alright to still hope, even Job did years back.
It’s alright to still love yourself despite your flaws, even the tortoise does sometimes.

It’s alright to be bold, it’s alright to be confident, even losers are sometimes.
It’s alright you gather courage, it’s just perfect you voice out what you feel deep inside.
It’s very right you let known how you feel, if that’s the last thing you’ve not tried. Assumptions could be deceptive sometimes.

And it’s undoubtedly alright you give yourself away, even Jesus did for us.
It’s just alright to be denied, even employees are sometimes.

Sweetheart, it’s no crime you breakdown and cry, even my dad does sometimes
But it’s much comforting if you stop doubting there’s that special someone.
Who still exists just for you. If that’s what’s holding you back.

The wait will be worth it certainly, just hold on for a second time
And it’s alright to still believe in true love, because you’ll find one someday.

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