PRINCOF release re-opening day and fees for Level 100, 200 and 300s in Colleges of Education

Teacher trainees keep asking their leadership as well as their mother association questions in regards to the re-opening day of the 2020/2021 Academic Year but no concrete information was given out to them.

Not long ago, some colleges of Education have released their re- opening day for 2020 /2021.

Looking at the press release of two different, I am convinced that the actual reopening day for teacher trainees in the Colleges of Education is what this various colleges have placed across.

Read below the full text from St Louis College of Education.


The College Management wishes to inform all Academic Staff and Non- Academic staff as well as Students of St. Louis College of Education that the re-opening date for the 2020/2021Academic Year First Semester is Monday, 11th January, 2021.

All students are kindly requested to pay their fees in full by bankers draft to The Principal, St. Louis College of Education. Failure to pay the fees in full will result im non-registration of student

Details of the fees are as follows :

  1. GH₵1,426.23 +GH₵400.00 = GH₵1826.23
    for Level 200 students
  2. GH₵1,218.75 + GH₵400 = GH₵1618.23
    for Level 300 students

All the Covid-19 safety protocols shall be observed.

The arrangements for the first semester are as follows :

  1. Level 100 B.Ed students and Level 200 B.Ed 200 students shall report on campus for face -to -face interaction from Monday, 11th January, 2021 to Saturday 20th February, 2021.
  2. Level 300 B.Ed students shall commence lectures online (Virtual Learning ) on Monday, 11th January, 2021 to 20th February, 2021.
  3. Level 200 B.Ed students shall vacate campus and begin online lectures from Monday, 22nd February, 2021 to Saturday, 3rd April, 2021.
  4. Level 300 B.Ed students will report to campus Monday, 22nd February, 2021 to begin face to face lectures which will end on Saturday, 3rd April, 2021

One thought on “PRINCOF release re-opening day and fees for Level 100, 200 and 300s in Colleges of Education

  1. It’s very disgusting when wr take a look back with respect to this so called Virtual Learning which took place last semester die to the Covid_19. At the moment we know that things have gone down and this time round Collegians weren’t expecting the E_learning anymore. So then why this virtual learning pressure again? We enjoy the one on one lectures than this so called Virtual Learning. Anyway some may say it’s a good thing which has come to stay but ask yourself how many people could afford this. Some Colleagues have to go miles for good network accessibility and some also struggle with the buying of airtime. So if I may ask, why is it that there is no reduction of fees or examination to help us support ourselves with the airtime and the rest. It is my humble plea to the TTAG Executives both Sector and National to be up and doing. We have suffured under this mess for some time now and at the moment all Collegians are wailing to the mother association which is TTAG and the Government to add their voice to this vital issue.

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