Medikal recently cursed blogger Cutie Julls after she claimed he was expecting a child with another woman. 

Cutie Julls has replied the rapper’s curse saying it will follow him if he tries to get rid of the pregnancy -The blogger also advised Medikal to use condoms in his future escapdes with women.

Medikal recently cursed Cutie Julls following her claim that the rapper had got another woman pregnant despite being married to Fella Makafui. According to the blogger, Medikal was expecting a child with this new woman and the child was going to be Fella’s first step child. 

Photo: @amgmedikal Source: Instagram But in a post on his Instagram stories sighted by, Medikal denied the report and rained curses on the blogger for peddling the information.

“The blogger circulating this fake news will die a very painful death,” he wrote while sharing a screenshot of the blogger’s post. After Medikal’s cursing post went viral, Cuti Julls also shared a screenshot of the post. In her caption, Cutie Julls cited a report she once made about Medikal’s wife, Fella , being pregnant which eventually came to pass after many denials. For the blogger, her information was accurate and the only Medikal can get away with it is to terminate it.

She thus warned that while she is not into cursing, Medikal is togoin suffer the consequences of his curse if he attempt to get rid of the pregnancy. The blogger further advised Medikal to use condoms whenever he wants to sleep with any woman apart from his wife in order not to contract any disease.

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