How to play music on YouTube on your phone even with the screen off and how to download the video

This requires a very simple technique and you will be done in less than 1 minute or even 30 seconds. As we all know, YouTube is like the source of almost every video on the internet and most of us download our music videos and even mp3 from YouTube.

            The requirements for this operation, I think you already have them all, they are not many, just a few things every device has and they are;

  • A web browser, especially Google Chrome, which everyone obviously has
  • Oh sorry, you need an internet connection first then the web browser
  • You also need to be able to use YouTube
  • And finally, you need a song in mind, the one you will be playing, obviously

And now, below are the steps involved in the operation;

            Firstly, go to Google Chrome on your mobile phone, and then open YouTube’s website by typing in in your search engine. You will see at the upper right corner of your screen a rounded rectangle with a number in it and three dots arranged vertically or sometimes in place of the three dots, you will see a red circle with an arrow pointing upwards in it. I need you to tap on the three dots or the red circle with the arrow in it to reveal a pop-up.

            Next, the pop-up should show the following options, New tab, New incognito tab, Bookmarks, Recent tabs, History, Downloads, Share…, Find in page, Add to Home screen, Desktop site with a checker at its right, then Settings and finally the Help and Feedback. I need you to select or check the desktop site to change the webpage into a similar one you will see when you open on your personal computer (a.k.a PC).

            Now, I need you to search for any song at the search box area, or if you prefer to test with any video on the YouTube page, that’s okay too. So, select or search for any video you want to watch and tap on the play button to start playing the video.

            After that, I need you to tap on the home button. After tapping on the home button, pull down your notification area to show your notifications and you will see that a media player is opened and what it is supposed to be playing has paused, that my friend, is the video you were watching, and tap on the play button to start playing the song or video you were watching, now turn off your screen and you will still hear the video playing.

            Now, if you want to download without going to a third-party software, I want you to tap on the screen without taking off your finger, keep your finger on the video for at least 5 seconds and release. After releasing, choose copy link or copy video link, not the link location though, so after tapping on copy video link go up to the part where the URL of the page is and in front of the YouTube from the address and type (ss) in front of the YouTube and tap on enter.

            Doing this will take you to a new web page named You will see a search area with a download button, some phones automatically put the link we copied in the search area like below. But, if your phone doesn’t paste the link we occupied inside automatically then tap on the search button for at least 5 seconds like we did when copying the URL, now release and select paste to paste the link, now wait till the video appears with the video quality maybe, MP4 360 or any other then press or tap on the download that is next to the picture of the video.

            This may take you to another page, so simply tap on the square with the number in it, also called the tab number and go back to the video to start saving the video or if that doesn’t happen and the video appears again, tap on it for at least 5 seconds without releasing your finger and after you see the download video option, tap on it and finally it will start downloading.

            This may seem like long steps but don’t worry, it’s just me being talkative, you can complete all of this in less than 30 seconds.

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