How To Make Any Lady Miss You So Badly

If the woman you want so badly ignores you all the time and you fails to get her, it might be because yo are not doing things right. If you want to make her miss you and chase after you, Here is how.

  1. Approach her.

Approaching her makes her think you values her and wants her. Have a conversation with her and let her know why you wants to be a friend. Be confident about that and let her feel comfortable around you.

2. Compliment her.

complimenting a lady shows you appreciate and recognizes her. Nothing makes a girl happy that compliments. It makes her feel better. Let the compliments be simple and short. Complimenting her will make her wants to be around you all the time.

3. Talk to her less.

We all like to talk to the one we like most, but if you want a lady to always think about you, don’t talk to her often. The less you speak with her, the more she will want to talk to you and think about you.

4. Let her think about you.

The more distance you are from a lady, the more she thinks about you. if you are always around her, she will loose interst in you. you must makeher think about you more by not been around her.

5. Let her know that you are not thinking about her.

Let her realized and think that you are not really thinking about her. The more ladies think that you like her and chasing after her the more she makes it difficult for you to get her. Let her know that she is the least thing on your mind, and it will make her think about you and then make signs to you that she needs you.

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