FIFA And UEFA Officially Confirms the Creation of a Third Annual European Cup Competition.

Two of the biggest organizations in the history of sports entertainment , FIFA and UEFA have confirmed the introduction of yet another European club competition. This competition will add to the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League as the third tier annual competition in Europe. The competition is officially called The UEFA Europa Conference League. Qualifications will be based on performance in National Leagues and Cup Competitions.

The competition will commence in the 2020-21 season. It will be a lower level of the Europa League with the Europa League about to be reduced to 32 teams in the group stages from its previous 48. There is no direct qualification to the group stages as ten teams eliminated as a results of the Europa League Play-offs and the remaining arising from the qualifiers of this very competition. Matches will take place on the same day as the Europa League which is Thursday whilst the UEFA Champions League is played on the usual Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This competition will give chances to teams that do not regularly make it to European competitions and we should not be surprised if Arsenal intentionally qualify for this competition to finally win an European Cup.

Many football fans are anticipating this very competition and we hope it delivers greatly and excites us just like the previous UEFA national and club competitions.

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