1. I went to a restaurant to eat with just N300, so i ordered food for N200 and meat N100. As I sat down to eat, a man sitting beside me and putting on a nice shirt sai ” i love the way you eat, add more food, i will pay. I hastily ordered food of N500 and started eating. He said again, you eat so well go and add bottles of soft drink so that you can drink after eating. Fast i made the order . After drinking 1 bottle,as i was trying to open the second bottle, the opener fell down , as i was trying to bend down and take it, i realised the man was bare footed!!!. Then i relised the man was a mad man. He laughed at me and said, ” the way dem go beat you for here today enhh!!!, na only God go save you today fo here!!!!!!!!’
  2. A married lawyer made love to his girlfriend in his car one day. The girl enjoyed it so much that he forgot her panty. On getting home, his wife saw the girl’s panty in his car. She got mad and tore it into pieces and rushed to her husband screaming, Honey, honey!!!!!!. What’s this? Quickly, the lawyer replied, oh my God, youve destroyed the evidence of rape case which worth over million naira. She quickly fell on her knee an started begging, “honey forgive me. God will bring another one. Dont be quick to react when angry.
  3. A man was so jealous of his newly born baby that, he put poison on his wife nipplies when she was asleep. The next day, their driver died.
  4. A man was dying of cancer, but he keeps telling people hes dying of AIDS. His som asked, Daddy why? he answred, so that when i die, no one will sleep with your mum.
  5. A lady lost three panties in her house and blamed her maid in front of her husband. The maid said, Sir you are my witness, you know i never wear panties.
  6. A couple were having a quick one, then their child accidentally appeared on them, The child asked, Daddy, what are you doing, he replied, im putting some petrol in your mum. Then the child said then mum’s enngine is taking more fuel. because just yesterday your friend Nico put some there. The father fainted

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