Reasons why There is Likely No God

He never existed

Is there a God? Reasons why there is likely no God(PART 1)

Prayer doesn’t work

It may seem to work from time to time, but in reality, it doesn’t do sh**t.Imagine all the people on Earth right now, imagine what they are praying for. People praying for peace in their country, people praying for food, for shelter, for safety, for healing, for the floods to spare them, for a successful exam, for anything you can think of.An, analysis on the prayers that get answered, you’ll see it is only the prayers that had a fairly realistic chance of coming true regardless. You can pass exam when you study not pray, no matter how hard you pray food won’t fall from the sky, God never restores an amputee, and definitely doesn’t bring peace.It is obvious prayer accomplishes nothing.

God doesn’t answer prayers because God doesn’t exist.

So many gods to choose from

Christians and other religious claim that their God is the one true God and all the others aren’t real. Why is their God a real thing and not any of the others? Circumstances appear to dictate which God you believe in, like the faith of your parents and your place of your birth.Children growing in a non-religious home grow up without believing in God unless someone tells them. If there were one true God, who wanted to save people, he would reveal himself and sadly he  doesn’t because he does not exist.

The Bible

Most Christians will tell that the Bible is the word of God. God is indeed the author of this book. God is said to be perfect, omniscient and omnipotent, you’d expect the Bible to be the most poetic, beautiful and moral book of all time and sadly it isn’t.The Bible is full of errors, contradictions, superstition and immoral texts. The Bible reads just like a text you would expect from a barbaric age, an age of slavery, genocide, touture and pestilence.

Jesus wasn’t  a nice person

Jesus sounds like a hypocrite when he tells people to love their enemies but at the same time says that people who don’t believe in him, will be cast into the fire. Jesus also tells people that he has not come to bring peace but a sword and that we are to hate our relatives if we want to follow him. And what to think of the Canaanite woman who pleads with Jesus and he sends her away calling her a dog because she is not the right nationality? Or when he kills a fig tree for not bearing fruit at a time when figs are out of season?

People speak for God

According to the Bible, Jesus walked the earth in flesh, appeared to people after his supposed death, and spoke directly to people like Moses and Abraham. All of that happened a long time ago and there is no direct evidence that exists to support these events.Nowadays, there are still some people who claim God speaks to them. Many of them sound like they got mental problems. Why would an omnipotent have such people speak for him? If exists why doesn’t he just speak for himself.



I’m sure you could think of several more but these are the ones I like. What reason do you have? Why don’t you leave me your reasons why God does not exist in the comments below? Have anything else to say about the above? Please leave a comment!

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