Phone Repairer Arrested For Defiling A Five Years Old Girl

A 19 years old phone repairer was arrested by the police for defiling a five years old girl. He has been remanded over this case by the Aflao Circuit Court in Ketu.

The mother of the victim said that, somewhere in February, the girl complained of pain in her abdomen. The mother asked what she has gone to do and she said that the phone repairer has had sexual intercourse with her. Medicine was given to her to reduce the pain.

The mother said, her daughter complained of the same problem again but at that time it was very serious saying that the repairer has again slept with her.

She said that the boy threatened her not to say it to anyone else he will beat her. Her mother immediately took her to the nearest clinic for treatment. The doctors advised her to report this case to the police.

They gave the woman a police medical report form so that the victim can be taken to the hospital for treatment. She took the forms to the police indicating that there were bruises around the labia minora and the girl’s hymen was absent.

According to the investigations from the police, the phone repairer was arrested and was taken to court. He pleaded not guilty and he would appear again on December 14th, 2020.

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