Funny face apologises to his baby mama, Vanessa as she welcomes their third child

Funny Face actually insulted Vanessa and her family and he has now come out to apologise to her. We all know that Funny Face and Vanessa already have twins and recently, she has just given birth. With this, he said she should forgive him and should at least let him see his child.

He added that Vanessa and her entire family should forgive him and when they even ask him to sweep the whole of Kumasi before he will be permitted to see his child, he will do so. And even if they ask him to go to Mountain Afadjato and ask for her forgiveness, he will do it. He said he will do anything that will let him see his child.

Funny Face has indeed done the right thing, because as a father, you need to get closer to your children so they can also feel your love so is a good thing that he has done.

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