Sarkodie gave huge amount of money to Castro’s Family- Alordia

Manager and promoter Alordia has vindicated Sarkodie after Aisha Modi claimed he is a greedy man for not supporting Castro’s family.

Aisha Modi on radio made some accusations against Sarkodie saying he is a greedy man.

She said Sarkodie has not given any support or money to the family of Castro after his disappearance.

The Adonai song Sarkodie did with Castro hit over 77 million views which according Aisha was so because of Castro’s disappearance and Sarkodie was supposed to give Castro’s percentage to his family.

She claimed Sarkodie has not given even 500gh to the family of Castro and has not even called his mother before.

However Alordia, a promoter and Manager of Castro has come out to trash what Aisha Modi said.

According to him, a contribution was made in the name of Castro which Sarkodie contributed a very huge amount of Money.

”Sarkodie gave a huge amount of money, all the musicians it was only Sarkodie and Shatta-Wale who contributed”

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