Sad News: Landlord Sacks Female Tenant With Kids From His House Because She Refused To Vote For His Political Party. (Video)

The landlord sacks a female tenant with kids from his house because she refused to vote for his political party NDC.

It was told by the lady that, the landlord always tell her to support the National Democratic Party so that she will vote for them in the upcoming elections. But according to the lady, she has no interest in the NDC party so she wouldn’t do that.

The landlord suspected that the lady has no interest in his political party which is the NDC because the lady always says good things about the NPP government. More times to the landlord hears that she plays the NPP’s party songs in the house.

This provoked him and decided to eject her from the house. The landlord asked the lady to pay his rent or he will sack her from the house. The landlord started mocking the lady about her financial status.

The lady couldn’t pay the rent because she was not having money. For this reason, the landlord packed her things out and told her to leave the house with her kids.

This happened all because she refused to vote for the party the landlord supports which is the National Democratic Party (NDC).

Check the video below.

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